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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Oh the joy of having babies!  When we found out we were having a girl, I immediately went to the sewing machine.  Here’s what I made for our little girl!  🙂  I sewed all the material together with a sewing machine.  I’m not one to hand-quilt anything unless I have a ton of time and having an almost 2 year old…that didn’t seem like an option.  Goodness!  The material was actually receiving blankets from Walmart.  That’s whey the look so good together, cause I didn’t coordinate.  Ha ha!  I planned it out in Illustrator (you could plan out on paper and get exact measurements).  Then cut all pieces down to size.  Planned it out on the floor and then pieced it all together with machine.

Material for Quilt

Material Sorting

Plan Complete

Quilt Complete

Matching Burp Cloth