Monthly Archives: December 2010

Life Group Goodies!


Oh I had fun with this.  It was actually the cheapest thing I’ve ever made and got the most joy out of handing them out.  🙂  God is so good!  Take a (I think) 2/4 piece of wood and cut it down to size measuring 3/4.  I got my wood from Lowes and had them cut it down for me in the store.  They will do it for you for free, just ask them to.  Then paint the wood black.  Take a paint stick (Michael’s) color of your choice.  I chose silver.  Write whatever message you want on the block.  Paint stars or whatever to decorate it up a little.  The sky is the limit.  I chose to put saying like, Rise and Shine or Glory to God on mine.  Then wrap with with clear wrap, tie with a ribbon and put them in a basket for favors or hand them out as gifts.  Enjoy!

Wooden Message Block


Color It Up!


We spent this year with my Dad’s side of the family.  This will be the first Christmas I’ve spent with him in almost 15 years and the last Christmas I get to spend with him.  In March of 2010, he was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and has been battling it out with full force.  He’s ready to give up, the doctors aren’t changing his prognosis and he feels like it will never change.  So at this point, he’s given up.  He’s got a new treatment he’ll start after the holiday’s but if this doesn’t work, it will be the last treatment he takes.  I’ve been asked to attend this year’s festivities since they are treating it like it’s his last.  I don’t want to regret spending it with him.  So, long story short…I am making my sweet little niece’s something special this year.  We’re on a very tight budget so most of this stuff I already had.

Felt Coloring Book Holder

Supplies: Measure out a piece of fabric (I used felt) that will cover a coloring book folded in half.  One yard of coordinating ribbon.  One sheet of coordinating felt for letter.  Felt or fabric glue.   Needle and thread.  Sewing Machine.  Coloring book of your choice and crayons or color pencils.  You could also just put in a blank booklet and substitute colors for drawing pencils if you have an artist you want to make this for.
Directions:  Sew slots on right side (measure out crayons or color pencils to determine width) of color booklet.  Sew on Ribbons (be sure to burn ends of ribbon so they don’t fray or use fray-check).  Sew a middle seam to hold coloring book in place.  Go into word, print out a letter of your choice.  Trace onto felt.  Cut felt out.  Fabric glue on letter.  Be sure to let it set for at least 30 minutes.