Life Group Goodies!


Oh I had fun with this.  It was actually the cheapest thing I’ve ever made and got the most joy out of handing them out.  🙂  God is so good!  Take a (I think) 2/4 piece of wood and cut it down to size measuring 3/4.  I got my wood from Lowes and had them cut it down for me in the store.  They will do it for you for free, just ask them to.  Then paint the wood black.  Take a paint stick (Michael’s) color of your choice.  I chose silver.  Write whatever message you want on the block.  Paint stars or whatever to decorate it up a little.  The sky is the limit.  I chose to put saying like, Rise and Shine or Glory to God on mine.  Then wrap with with clear wrap, tie with a ribbon and put them in a basket for favors or hand them out as gifts.  Enjoy!

Wooden Message Block


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