Monthly Archives: January 2011

Cookie Love!


Cookie Cake

I made this recipe for my hubby for our 15 year anniversary.  I met him in high school my sophomore year and have been with him ever since.  I made the cookie cake according to the recipe and then made homemade icing for the writing on the cake.  Food coloring for the different colors.  I used an icing gun for it all!  I had so much fun with it and my husband loved it!


Sew in Prayer


This particular gift was for my son at Christmas (2010).  As I was making this quilt, the Holy Spirit led me to start a ministry called, “Sew In Prayer”.  It’s meant for families who have a newborn in the ICU just after being born.  Our ministry prays for the child and the family while the quilt is being made.  It’s meant to give the family the opportunity to know that people are praying and that God isn’t far away.  It’s a quilt of hope you might say.  So far, the ministry has only made two quilts.  After the birth of my daughter, things got busy.  I’ll start it back up (Lord willing) when things settle down and the church calls on me for more quilts.  For now, let me show you what they look like.

Son's Quilt