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Sweet Valentine of Mine


This was the first Valentine’s Day that we both actually put some thought into Valentine’s Day since we were in High School.  I had more fun with this year’s Valentine’s Day because it came from my heart.  I hope you have fun with it if you try it.

Chocolate Strawberries Bouquet

I bought a $2.00 mug from Wal-Mart.   Made some homemade playdough.  Inserted some fake grass (buy at Michael’s) and inserted some wooden skewers in a floral arrangement.  As for the strawberries, I melted milk chocolate chips, dipped the strawberries into the chocolate and put them on wax paper to dry.  You could also (if you want to spend more money and not have a flat spot on your strawberries, buy some foam and place the skewers into the foam to dry before placing them into the arrangement.  Have fun with it!

Paper Flower Bouquet

These were so fun to make.  I cut out heart from different color card stock.  Filled each petal out with a sweet romantic favor and then tagged them together with floral wire.  Poked a hole in the tip of each heart and then used needle nose pliers to round a knot to keep them from falling off.  Once they were all on the stem, I took the pliers and rounded off the bottom to keep them tight.  I put in several colors with all sorts of favors.  He can cake off a favor for you to complete.  Make sure you put an expiration date on them or he’ll try and use them years later.  Mine did!

Floral Arrangement with Doilies

In case you haven’t figured it out, the theme was flowers!  So I took some doilies I had bought for a shower and cute out shapes, flowers from the doily and then scrapes of greens from scrapbook material.  I glued them all on a pink piece of cardstock and put a sweet saying on the inside of the card.

If you make any of these, be sure to post on my blog and tell me how it went.  I would love to see pictures or any new ideas like these!  Have fun!


It’s A Girl!


So the minute I found out I was having a girl, I started making all these things for her room.  I think I took a whole week to sew it all together.  I took a King size bed set apart to make all this stuff and still have material left over to accessorize her room.   Oh the joy’s of little girls.



Changing Pad Cover


Crib Quilt