Monthly Archives: July 2011

Another Graphic


I’m so blessed to have another baby in the family.  We love our little Landry.  I’ve already spent more time doing graphics for her over what I did for Austin.  Having a girl is such fun!


Paint A Frame


We had some sweet neighbors move in down the street from us.  They have a little girl who is into the whole princess theme.  So I made her something special for her new room.  I had so much fun painting this!

draw up the design on paper-use transfer paper to get design on wood

pick the colors you want to use

paint your design

when you're finished painting...

let it dry and adorn with jewels

Happy 2nd Birthday!


Yep.  My son just turned two.  He’s into the whole Cars, Thomas the Train and Diego Themes.  Right now, Cars takes priority.  So in granting his one request to have Cayke on his birthday…I made him this home-made Cars birthday cake!  It’s just a regular sheet of cake.  I looked online for decorating ideas, decorated it with store bought icing and took Cars that we bought him at Walmart.  He loved it!  I need to practice on the ribbons and the text.  I suck at writing with icing.  Practice makes perfect.