Sleepy Wrap-Made


Here's Mine!

Hey!  Okay, so I ventured to Walmart to get material to make this sleepy wrap.  I read online that you should use jersey material to make the wrap.  I BEG to differ with these folks.  First of all, the material they quoted at $1.25 a yard, isn’t true.  It’s almost $6 a yard.  And second of all, it’s not what I call…stretchy!  I went through the remnants and found this ugly peach color for $1.50 a yard.  It’s ugly but I had to find something that was stretchy and cheap!  Eureka.  It’s stretchy yet durable for this sleepy wrap.  So here goes:

Materials you’ll need:
5 yards stretchy material
1/4 yard jersey coordinating fabric
sewing machine

I'm a

Follow the attachment above.  Good luck.

Send me pictures of your wrap and or suggestions for future wraps.
I’ll make one to coordinate with all my outfits.  Ha ha.


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