Little Romper Dress – Pattern &Tutorial

Little Romper Dress – Pattern &Tutorial

Okay so the last pattern I gave you was for an A-Line Dress.  This one is sort of like an A-Line but it’s not really a dress.  It’s more of a “romper”.  I did use the same material I used for the A-Line dress so it might confuse you.  This little puppy will have to have some bloomers.   This pattern, I totally did from scratch.  I took a shirt my daughter had and traced it out on tissue paper.  It took me three tries to get it right.  I hope you like it!  Get creative with it.  Add rick rack to the bottom, sew on appliques, add buttons or pockets.  So cute!

Here’s the pattern if you want to try!  You should be able to print this out on 8.5X11 Sheets.

Here’s Mine!  I also put on a cute little yellow flower fabric applique!  Next time I want to add ruffles on the bottom and make some diaper covers to go with it.


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