DIY Sushi

DIY Sushi

So I’m going to get sushi for the first time in months at this fabulous place close to home.  Because I’m breastfeeding, doctors told me to stay away from raw fish.  While I was pregnant with my daughter, I ate the California Roll as often as my husband would let me.  Most times, begging someone to go with me (cause he wouldn’t).  Now I have a neighbor that will go with me as many times as our stomachs and wallets will let us.  Yippee.  While my kiddos were asleep, I thought…”hum, what if I could save hubby some money and cook these puppies at home”.  Needless to say, I found the DIY website, showing me how to do it.  I’ll go to the store next week and get the goods to make them.  For now, here’s the link with everything you need to know on how to make your OWN sushi.  Good luck.


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