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DIY Mini Barrett


I was looking on Pinterest (should I even qualify that anymore…) and found this cute little tutorial for a baby headband.  Although my sweet pea doesn’t have enough headbands, I was really looking to create this for my niece.  She recently showed some goats and (yes, I’m SO proud) they all sold!  She is too big for headbands of this nature, I wanted something a bit more “adult” looking for her.  So I took a small alligator clip (buy them at Michael’s) that was already covered in material.  I embellished the clip with fabric rosettes and small pearls.  The worst part about the clip was making the rosettes small enough for the clip.  You should use less than an inch wide by 6 to 8 inches long piece of fabric.  I used fabric and ribbon for mine and cut the ribbon in half.  The frayed edges just made the rosette!  I had to hot-glue them every so often to keep them from unraveling.  Here’s what it looked like.


DIY Toddler Sling (the bling sling)


So my son has a sweet little “girl” friend that I am just falling in love with.  What a personality, this one.  She’s so full of energy, spunk, and so much more.  NOTHING keeps that little girl down!  A couple days ago, she was in a situation where she had to have a temporary cast put on.  Now, she’s such a girly girl…it’s not even funny.  The sling they gave her is ghetto (you will ALL agree).  The positive here is that she called it her purse.  There aren’t any pocket’s, zippers or bling on this thing.  That “positive” worked for one day.  Her momma had a hard time keeping it on her.  Me being the non-stop person that I am, decided I would fashion her a BLING-sling.  I found the most sparkly, girly, glittery, bling material I could find.  Here’s what her first sling looked like.

Gag right…?  No offense to the people who work in this department but really…who designs this!

So with that, here’s how I crafted it up.  1. Take the hospital sling, trace the outline (on some tissue paper).  2. Pin the tissue paper on your piece of material, making sure the bottom part is on a fold.  3. If you don’t want to attach bias tape, cut two pieces of the same pattern.  Turn the pieces right side out, leaving a two inch section on the back open to turn it right side out.

4. Sew your two pieces together and turn it right side out.  I finished it by sewing all the way around it almost to the edge.

5. Cut a 6″ long ribbon and a 27″ ribbon out of 1″ wide ribbon.  Use fray check or a lighter to keep your ends from fraying.   6.  Sew the back part of your sling together.  7. Now is the time to add any extra bling to your sling.

8. The front part of the sling needs to have the loop where your two “D” rings go.  The very back of the sling is where you need to attach your 27″ ribbon.

9. Sew down the outer edge of the ribbon that has your “D” rings on to keep them from shifting.

You’re done!  Go bling a sling!  Here’s mine!

Wooden Plaque


I took a stroll down every Michael’s isle today, looking for the perfect gift for a very special person.  Walking down the “wood” isle, I ran across this little number.  This person recently got a new apartment and what better way to “gift” them than with this.  I’m so happy with it, and so is the hubby.  He like’s it so much that I think I’ll have to make him one now.  I just took the plaque, painted it, mod podged the text, painted it some more and then sharpied the text to make it stand out.  Then took a hanger and attached it to the back.  I really hope they enjoy it.  I had so much fun doing it.

Halloween Treats


I just love the month of October!  Besides all the cute pumpkins, ghosts and little black cats peeking around every corner…this month is my birthday month!  I just LOVE October.  I love that people can look at this month and get creative with Halloween.  Stumbling around the internet, I found this cute (actually sort of gross) but funny picture of a pumpkin.  Rather than explain, I’ll just show you a picture.

Oh yeah…It’s just that funny, isn’t it!  I can’t get over the fact that I could eat guacamole on just about everything, but eating it from the mouth of a pumpkin just makes me gag.  I made this little number for my life group last night for snack.  I had a blast setting it up and seeing people’s faces as they came in and saw what the treat was.  It was “SPOOKTACULAR”.  For those who didn’t like guacamole, I made these:

Meringue Ghosts

These were just the basic forgotten cookie recipe.  Instead of putting chocolate chips in the mix, I used them for eyes.  I also used a one gallon ziplock to spread these bad-boys on to a baking tray to cook.

Thanks Life Group for letting me do snack.  I had a great time.  Happy Halloween!

DIY Sushi Day


So today was the day!  I ventured out to the Chinese Market with a friend yesterday and got all the goods to make my California Roll!  While the kiddo’s were sleeping, I steamed my rice, prepped my rolling mat and cleaned my counter to prepare for this yummy lunch.  The first one was a bit goofy looking.  But the second one went up without any hitches.  I love to have a full belly.

Here's what mine looked like!

Here is a link/video on how to make your own.  I found it very helpful.  And ABSOLUTLY wrap your mat in plastic.  Don’t skip that step or you’ll end up with sticky rice everywhere!  Good luck!


  • Avocado
  • 5 cups of sushi rice
  • 4 sheets of nori (toasted seaweed)
  • 7 teaspoons toasted seasame seeds
  • 1/2 Japanese cucumber (I used a regular cucumber and sliced thin)
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons of mayonnaise
  • 5 ounces of imitation crabmeat (I prefer the “sticks” and not the chunks)
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons of sliced scallions


  1. Prepare your rice according to directions.
  2. Mix your mayo and scallions, set aside.
  3. Cut your Avocado, Cucumber and set aside.
  4. Prepare your mat, cover with plastic so the sticky rice doesn’t stick!
  5. Make sure everything is close at hand before starting your roll.
  6. Lay your seaweed shiny side down.
  7. Wet your hands to deal with stick rice.  Cover your seaweed fully.
  8. Carefully turn seaweed over.
  9. Spread your mayo mixture thinly over whole surface of seaweed.
  10. Add your Crabstick, Avocado and Cucumber.
  11. Roll over seaweed, tight.
  12. Use a SHARP knife to cut your roll (I used a serrated knife)
  13. Transfer to plate and enjoy!

I made a happy plate!  Yummy!!!


Tutu Onesie Tutorial


I actually did two things yesterday during nap.  My punkin pie slept for almost five hours, while sweet pea was in and out for three hours.  I got a shirt from Walmart – the solids.  They are on clearance right now (if you consider they cost $3 and are $2.50) so go stock up.  Anyway, I got the solid shirt from Walmart, came home and printed out a cute little pumpkin for Halloween.  I cut out the white parts, taped it to the front and sprayed on bleach.  I did both sides so it looks stressed on both front and back.  I’ll upload a picture later.

The coolest thing I did during naptime was making my little sweet pea a Tutu Onesie.  This one’s practice for the real thing on Halloween.  I’ll use Tulle then and make a matching bow.  I got (yet another winner at Walmart) a pink onesie for almost $3.  Brought it home, washed it and sewed on some very cute ruffles.  I’m not terribly lazy at doing stuff, just taking step by step pictures for the tutorial.  If you’re artsy, you should be able to figure it out.  Because I’m nice, here’s the link to the tutorial.  The most time consuming thing is making the ruffles.  I didn’t finish the edges on mine because I wanted it stressed and rustic looking.


Happiest Little Boy Ever!


Yeah, this one had to be done while the kiddos were awake.  Well, one of them anyway.  My sweet pea was sleeping so punkin and I decided to have a little fun!  Ever heard of Cloud Dough?  The best (but oh so messy) “play” dough in the world.  The recipe called for 8 Cups of flour so I took it down to 2 Cups of flour.  You’re saying to yourself, why?  Well, I’ll tell you…the whole TWO cups of flour I used for this fun game ended up being on the floor after it was all said and done.  1/4 of it ended up in hair, ears, mouth and clothes.  Bathtime was a much needed activity after we were done playing!  So worth the fun.  Here’s the recipe if you were wondering.