Tutu Onesie Tutorial


I actually did two things yesterday during nap.  My punkin pie slept for almost five hours, while sweet pea was in and out for three hours.  I got a shirt from Walmart – the solids.  They are on clearance right now (if you consider they cost $3 and are $2.50) so go stock up.  Anyway, I got the solid shirt from Walmart, came home and printed out a cute little pumpkin for Halloween.  I cut out the white parts, taped it to the front and sprayed on bleach.  I did both sides so it looks stressed on both front and back.  I’ll upload a picture later.

The coolest thing I did during naptime was making my little sweet pea a Tutu Onesie.  This one’s practice for the real thing on Halloween.  I’ll use Tulle then and make a matching bow.  I got (yet another winner at Walmart) a pink onesie for almost $3.  Brought it home, washed it and sewed on some very cute ruffles.  I’m not terribly lazy at doing stuff, just taking step by step pictures for the tutorial.  If you’re artsy, you should be able to figure it out.  Because I’m nice, here’s the link to the tutorial.  The most time consuming thing is making the ruffles.  I didn’t finish the edges on mine because I wanted it stressed and rustic looking.



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