Halloween Treats


I just love the month of October!  Besides all the cute pumpkins, ghosts and little black cats peeking around every corner…this month is my birthday month!  I just LOVE October.  I love that people can look at this month and get creative with Halloween.  Stumbling around the internet, I found this cute (actually sort of gross) but funny picture of a pumpkin.  Rather than explain, I’ll just show you a picture.

Oh yeah…It’s just that funny, isn’t it!  I can’t get over the fact that I could eat guacamole on just about everything, but eating it from the mouth of a pumpkin just makes me gag.  I made this little number for my life group last night for snack.  I had a blast setting it up and seeing people’s faces as they came in and saw what the treat was.  It was “SPOOKTACULAR”.  For those who didn’t like guacamole, I made these:

Meringue Ghosts

These were just the basic forgotten cookie recipe.  Instead of putting chocolate chips in the mix, I used them for eyes.  I also used a one gallon ziplock to spread these bad-boys on to a baking tray to cook.

Thanks Life Group for letting me do snack.  I had a great time.  Happy Halloween!


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