DIY Toddler Sling (the bling sling)


So my son has a sweet little “girl” friend that I am just falling in love with.  What a personality, this one.  She’s so full of energy, spunk, and so much more.  NOTHING keeps that little girl down!  A couple days ago, she was in a situation where she had to have a temporary cast put on.  Now, she’s such a girly girl…it’s not even funny.  The sling they gave her is ghetto (you will ALL agree).  The positive here is that she called it her purse.  There aren’t any pocket’s, zippers or bling on this thing.  That “positive” worked for one day.  Her momma had a hard time keeping it on her.  Me being the non-stop person that I am, decided I would fashion her a BLING-sling.  I found the most sparkly, girly, glittery, bling material I could find.  Here’s what her first sling looked like.

Gag right…?  No offense to the people who work in this department but really…who designs this!

So with that, here’s how I crafted it up.  1. Take the hospital sling, trace the outline (on some tissue paper).  2. Pin the tissue paper on your piece of material, making sure the bottom part is on a fold.  3. If you don’t want to attach bias tape, cut two pieces of the same pattern.  Turn the pieces right side out, leaving a two inch section on the back open to turn it right side out.

4. Sew your two pieces together and turn it right side out.  I finished it by sewing all the way around it almost to the edge.

5. Cut a 6″ long ribbon and a 27″ ribbon out of 1″ wide ribbon.  Use fray check or a lighter to keep your ends from fraying.   6.  Sew the back part of your sling together.  7. Now is the time to add any extra bling to your sling.

8. The front part of the sling needs to have the loop where your two “D” rings go.  The very back of the sling is where you need to attach your 27″ ribbon.

9. Sew down the outer edge of the ribbon that has your “D” rings on to keep them from shifting.

You’re done!  Go bling a sling!  Here’s mine!


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