DIY Mini Barrett


I was looking on Pinterest (should I even qualify that anymore…) and found this cute little tutorial for a baby headband.  Although my sweet pea doesn’t have enough headbands, I was really looking to create this for my niece.  She recently showed some goats and (yes, I’m SO proud) they all sold!  She is too big for headbands of this nature, I wanted something a bit more “adult” looking for her.  So I took a small alligator clip (buy them at Michael’s) that was already covered in material.  I embellished the clip with fabric rosettes and small pearls.  The worst part about the clip was making the rosettes small enough for the clip.  You should use less than an inch wide by 6 to 8 inches long piece of fabric.  I used fabric and ribbon for mine and cut the ribbon in half.  The frayed edges just made the rosette!  I had to hot-glue them every so often to keep them from unraveling.  Here’s what it looked like.


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