Monthly Archives: November 2011

Secret Santa


I know this sweet family that has a sweet, sweet daughter.  I’ve mentioned her before on my blog.  Anyway, her mom and I were talking and her little girl is so concerned about Santa not being able to get into their non-chimney house.  I was on the internet and found this great tutorial for families without chimney’s!  Thanks to Organize Your Stuff Now for this great idea!  Check it out.  Here’s what mine looked like.  I’ll take it over tonight and leave it at the door.  She’ll find it in the morning.  So excited!!



Cookie Dough Balls


One of my best memories as a kid was getting to lick the bowl after Mom finished making cookies, brownies…whatever.  As an adult, I find that my need to indulge in raw dough has been lessened.  I guess because I know the harm in what “might” be if I decide to lick the contents of such bowl.  Although, we ate all that raw dough (sometimes my mom would just make the dough and let us grub on it until it was gone), nothing ever happened and we never got sick.  So why is it that every time I bake, I act like the raw dough is a disease just waiting to attack?  Anywho!  I was on Pinterest and found this oh so yummy recipe on eat-drink-smile and thought, what the heck.  Thanks Beth for sharing this great recipe.  It’s soooo tasty!  Funny thing about this dough.  I originally intended making this for a family function next week.  But it seems that between me and my son, it’s not going to last until then.  Guess I’ll have to make more…DARN!  So without further adieu, here’s the recipe.