Christmas Crafties


Okay, so I have to admit…I haven’t (duh) crafted in a while.  Way too busy to blog during the holidays.  Thanks to Pinterest, I made almost everyone in my family a home made gift this year.  After spending 10 minutes looking for photos that have been misplaced, I’m just going to post the ones I have.  I’ll start back to blogging “nuggets” over the next week or so.  Thanks Pinterest for making this year a very “creative” year for gifts.

Stockings for Bubba and Sissy

I designed these in Illustrator (got initial design off the internet and tweaked it a bit).  Then sized them according to the pattern of the stocking I had already made.  Printed out the designs, cut out the pieces, pinned them to the felt and cut them all out.  Yeah, I was totally watching Harry Potter during the making of both of them!  Once every piece was cut out, I carefully sewed put my stocking.  Then I glued all the pieces onto the stocking.  You can see on Austin’s stocking, I even added some jingles, AKA: Jengbells (in the words of my son).

Soothe Sack – Rice and Oils

Oober easy yall.  I wanted mine small.  So cut the cutest fabric you got into 9X12 pieces.  Drench (no not really drench) you rice a bit in whatever oil you have in the house.  Sew up the pieces, leaving just a tad on the bottom.  Filler up and hand sew the opening.  Tie with Tulle and tada!  You’re all done.  Make a cute poem…or not, to go with it.  Cheapest gift I made and what a BIG hit!

Ruffle Back Pack

Yall, I had so much fun making this!  I used 12X18 rectangles, 7 ruffles (I doubled the width X four inches four ruffles).  Made the ruffles (those took the most time) first.  Then sewed them onto the outside rectangle.  Turned the tops of the bag down, leaving the ends open.  Turned them right-side out, carefully sewing up the edges (make sure you use the time to pin the sides down, making sure you don’t sew down the edges of the ruffles).  Oh yeah, before you sew up the sides, put two small hooks on the bottom for rope.  I used 2 – 28 inch ropes for the handles.  You could use ribbon I guess.  For threading the straps go here.


Earring Holder

Okay, so my sweet niece just got her ears pierced.  How did I know she needed a holder you ask?  I DIDN’T.  I saw this idea on Pinterest (yeah, I REALLY should stop clarifying) and just had to make it for her.  I had the frame, the lace, the ribbon and the stapler all on hand.  So you got me…THIS was the cheapest thing I made.  It was free cause I had everything here already!  Oh yeah, she was in love with it.  Her little eyes lit up when she figured out what it was.  I played it out like I totally knew she needed it.  What a sweetie pie!

Snowman Crayons

How cool are these!  Yeah, I made two of these and some stars to go with them.  I actually got some heart molds I making for Valentines Day.  The kiddos and I will make them together.  I just love the idea of using old crayons, melting them and then molding them into cool things.  Plus, get this…my kiddo won’t eat these bad boys.  Yeah, he likes the way they look when he colors with them.  Go figure!

Okay, go create something…will ya!


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