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Kindle Book Cover


So the hubby got a Kindle for Christmas and he really needed something to get it from the house to work without getting it damaged.  I saw a tutorial online where they made a cover out of a book and fabric.  Seeing as though I didn’t have any “male” fabric just laying around the house, I used butcher paper instead.  It actually turned out rather cool and the hubby just loved it.  So here’s how I did mine.  Of course, if you’re crafty like me…you will change yours up a bit too!  So first, I gathered all my materials.  I carefully took the paper out, not to mess up the binding.  Take your butcher paper and measure the size of your book.  Mod Podge the front and then turn over the book to carry over the excess. Then measure the inside, Mod Podge the butcher paper to that and let dry.  Once dry, measure your Kindle size up to the book.  Mark the exact location on your elastic.  Hot Glue down the edges of your elastic.  Then you’re done!  I even made an extra something on the other side for notes.  I got a great tutorial here for making your own note pads!  If you’re like me, you need visuals.  So here you go:



Valentine Scratch Off’s


This one was fun.  I’m willing to bet, you have everything to make this in your house already.  I couldn’t spend a whole lot of time today doing crafts because, it’s cleaning day AND cookie day.  Yes, even though I’m on a diet, the hubby still get’s his sweet fix throughout the week.

These are the materials you’ll need.

I designed my background in Illustrator, printed it out and then got busy with the fun stuff.  After your scratch-off is designed and ready to be painted, place contact paper on the part you want to scratch off only.  Then mix on part soap to two parts paint.  I painted on three layers of paint so that the underpart wouldn’t be seen.  Let the paint dry fully or the scratch off won’t work right. Here’s the completed scratch-offs.

Have the hubby or whoever you’re giving them to, scratch them off.  They’ll have fun trying to figure out what won.

Here’s the card. all scratched off.  Have fun with the wording and what they win!

Felt Footies


Okay so here’s a quick one cause the kids are both outside playing and Daddy is working on the house.  I found this picture of these pretty flower footies and thought, I could totally make these!  I can’t tell you exactly how I made them cause I’d like to sell them on Etsy soon!  Plus, they look so cute on my chubby babies feet, don’t you agree?  🙂

“Spring” Cleaning


Yeah, I know…it’s a little early but dang it Pinterest!!!!!  🙂  I saw this way-too-cool post and JUST had to try it out.  I mean, my stove really needs a total face-lift so this will just have to do for now.  I think this summer I’ll get the hubby to spray paint it or something.  I’m thinking apple red would look pretty.  Anyway, on with the post!

So here’s my nasty, NASTY drip pans.  Pretty gross right!  Gag.

With the new year, come’s new year’s resolutions and with new year’s resolutions comes a cash budget.  I’ve mentioned it before on this blog.  So asking the hubby for money to get new drip pans was way out of the question.  I saw a post on Pinterest about an easy way to clean your drip pans without having to scrub ANYTHING!  Now I will tell you first hand, it really works (sort of) but don’t have the expectations you won’t have to lift a finger to make them look perfect.  So here’s what you do.  Get you some household Ammonia and some large gallon size ziplocks!  Now, I put in about a 1/2 Cup Ammonia into the ziplock bag and zipped it up.  Like this:

I put each burner into a separate baggy.  Cause I really thought I would do whatever it took to make sure I didn’t have to scrub afterwards.  Then I left it outside in the garage floor (cause the bag will start to leak Ammonia everywhere) for 32 hours.  Wiggling with anticipation for all of 32 hours, I went and got the baggies, carefully unzipped them (don’t do it inside unless you don’t mind the fumes), sprayed them down with hose and brought them inside.  Now they weren’t perfectly clean…almost but not perfect.  I had to use an SOS pad to scrub off the really stuck on crud.  I spent a total of 10 minutes on all four burners, scrubbing.  I KNOW, right!  I mean, most of the stuff just started flaking off.  I did have to put SOME elbow grease into it but not a lot!  Here’s my pretty new drip pan: