Valentine Scratch Off’s


This one was fun.  I’m willing to bet, you have everything to make this in your house already.  I couldn’t spend a whole lot of time today doing crafts because, it’s cleaning day AND cookie day.  Yes, even though I’m on a diet, the hubby still get’s his sweet fix throughout the week.

These are the materials you’ll need.

I designed my background in Illustrator, printed it out and then got busy with the fun stuff.  After your scratch-off is designed and ready to be painted, place contact paper on the part you want to scratch off only.  Then mix on part soap to two parts paint.  I painted on three layers of paint so that the underpart wouldn’t be seen.  Let the paint dry fully or the scratch off won’t work right. Here’s the completed scratch-offs.

Have the hubby or whoever you’re giving them to, scratch them off.  They’ll have fun trying to figure out what won.

Here’s the card. all scratched off.  Have fun with the wording and what they win!


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