Kindle Book Cover


So the hubby got a Kindle for Christmas and he really needed something to get it from the house to work without getting it damaged.  I saw a tutorial online where they made a cover out of a book and fabric.  Seeing as though I didn’t have any “male” fabric just laying around the house, I used butcher paper instead.  It actually turned out rather cool and the hubby just loved it.  So here’s how I did mine.  Of course, if you’re crafty like me…you will change yours up a bit too!  So first, I gathered all my materials.  I carefully took the paper out, not to mess up the binding.  Take your butcher paper and measure the size of your book.  Mod Podge the front and then turn over the book to carry over the excess. Then measure the inside, Mod Podge the butcher paper to that and let dry.  Once dry, measure your Kindle size up to the book.  Mark the exact location on your elastic.  Hot Glue down the edges of your elastic.  Then you’re done!  I even made an extra something on the other side for notes.  I got a great tutorial here for making your own note pads!  If you’re like me, you need visuals.  So here you go:



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