Monthly Archives: March 2012

Hand Warmer


Not that we actually need these now, but really.  I can ALWAYS use a nice warm something to get my hands warm.  This one was actually the first one I made.  I’ve made three others since then.  Of course, they get better with practice.  Here’s what you’ll need:

1-2 Cups Long Grain Rice
Smell Good – Essential Oils
Some Cute Coordinating Fabric
(use whatever size you want but no bigger than 12X18)
Paper Funnel

First, pick out your essential oil.

Then pour your rice into a bowl.

Then drip a few drips of oil onto your rice.  Stir it up nicely.

After you’ve stirred up your rice, set it aside and get your fabric.

For this particular project, I sewed two 12X18 sheets together with the floral print.  Then with the other print, I basically sewed a pillow case (for easy washing) to go over it.

For the left-over rice, I just sealed it away in a Zip-lock bag.

Go make one!  They are so easy.  Remember, send me a picture.  I wanna see your creative ideas.


Quiet Book


So in an effort to keep my son busy (quiet) during a long trip…I crafted up a quiet book for him to read on our trip.  Of course you can totally make pages to fit your needs.  For my son, his focus was on CARS and shapes.  But mostly CARS!  I look 3 8.5X11 sheets of felt fabric (you can get them anywhere) I bought at Michale’s.  They were having their 5 for $1 sale.  Can’t beat that!  I folded them in half.  Then I just started getting creative.  I took a good ole’ sharpie and wrote on the fabric.  Then I cut out 10 little eggs and glued on a pocket with fabric glue to store the eggs in.  See!

Next, I added the CARS page.  This one was…by far his favorite page.  He spent most of his time on this particular page.  Mostly because of the tracks and he could just drive it all around town and never have to leave his lap!

I added a pocket to store his car in.  Again, I used fabric glue to adhere the pocket to.  He never parked it though.  Even after turning the page.  Obviously, read the directions and let it dry fully before giving it to your toddler.  He won’t understand the words “don’t touch”, after showing him something as cool as a lap-track.

Next I added a shapes page.  Once again, using a sharpie to trace the shapes.  The blue star was his favorite!  The next page (didn’t focus on it much) was a page full of beads.  I took ten strings and added one bead for the first string, then two beads for the second string and so on.   I could have used more time working on this page but was running out of time.  Which is fine because like I said before, he focused on the car page over anything else.

For the back of the shapes I used only one part of the Velcro tape.  The sticky, rough side.  It will stick well enough to keep the shapes on there.  You don’t need to add the other part of the Velcro.  It will just mess things up.  Do it like this:

So when the book was finished, I added a personal touch to his book.  And he loves telling people what the “A” stands for.  I’m so proud.  🙂

Send me pictures of your quiet books.  I’d love to get new ideas for my daughter who will soon need her own.