Hand Warmer


Not that we actually need these now, but really.  I can ALWAYS use a nice warm something to get my hands warm.  This one was actually the first one I made.  I’ve made three others since then.  Of course, they get better with practice.  Here’s what you’ll need:

1-2 Cups Long Grain Rice
Smell Good – Essential Oils
Some Cute Coordinating Fabric
(use whatever size you want but no bigger than 12X18)
Paper Funnel

First, pick out your essential oil.

Then pour your rice into a bowl.

Then drip a few drips of oil onto your rice.  Stir it up nicely.

After you’ve stirred up your rice, set it aside and get your fabric.

For this particular project, I sewed two 12X18 sheets together with the floral print.  Then with the other print, I basically sewed a pillow case (for easy washing) to go over it.

For the left-over rice, I just sealed it away in a Zip-lock bag.

Go make one!  They are so easy.  Remember, send me a picture.  I wanna see your creative ideas.


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