Another Chan Luu Bracelet Tutorial


Yes, I’m addicted now.  It’s official.  I love these bracelets and with all the beads I have left over from when my grandmother was obsessed…the sky is the limit.  She would be mortified that I was cutting up all her strands but hey.

Anywho…found this fabulous tutorial over at buatkalunggelang.  So far, this tutorial is the best tutorial I’ve found for these tiny beads.  The ONLY tid-bit is “fray-check” won’t work.  She say’s, “maybe”…I say, “nope”.  If you are going to spend the $4.99 at Michaels (SUPER GLUE works too) on pearl/bead glue, make sure you really need it.  So far, I haven’t put any glue on my pretties but that’s not to say I won’t before it’s all said and done.  Oh and it take at least three yards of thread to bead this puppy!  I have medium sized bones.  A 22″ inch bracelet goes around my wrist three times.  With all the wrapping you’ll do, be prepared to spend at least two hours.  Get a good movie, glass of wine and BEAD!  You’ll get better as you go.  These pictures are from the first two I made.  I made one yesterday that turned out beautiful.  I’m just too tired to post.  Maybe later…?

Here’s what they looked like.  Pretty huh!

I was given this fabulous box of buttons from my mother-in-law.  They were from her mother (granny allen).  So I am wearing stuff from both Grannies.  I love it.  Check out this cool antique button.  I think I’ll remake this bracelet and use my new techniques to hold the beads into place better.

Here’s the finished bracelet.  Cute huh.

Even after doing this one, I thought I’d make another one using these teal beads.  The cord I used is actually purple (that’s all I had) but it works.  🙂

Now, go craft one of your own.  These $3 bracelets make for a good gift, right?!?!?  Right!


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