DIY No Sew Petti-Tutu


Oh yeah, I am totally making like 50 of these for “L” when she’s old enough to want one.  I found this tutorial and just had to try it out.  About a year ago, I asked my sister-in-law if my nieces were too old to have a tutu.  To my disappointment, she said yes.  Then in February, one of the sweet girls said to me, “Aunt Kelley, will you make me a tutu for my birthday”?  Wahwhawhawhaaaat!  Well, what do you think I said to her….?  Duh!  🙂  My head began turning, as to what the colors would be.  I had already found the greatest tutorial for the tutu I wanted to make.  Now I just needed to get the materials!  Oh what fun.  I will tell you!  Prep, prep, prep!  Cut all the materials you need first and foremost!  The most time consuming thing to this project was the tying the knots and looping the strips.  Get you a good movie and start tying and looping!  It took me three hours total to make this cute little tutu!  I added a little flower on the waist-line to help determine the front from the back.  And…if I do another one (which I will) I will do this to the waist-line:

It did turn out cute and my little niece loved it.  Which is ALL that matters.  Right!?!?

Oh yeah, see how fluffy it was!  Oh my goodness.  🙂  Am I too old for a tutu?  Ha ha.


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