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Work of Art


So yesterday, I posted about him not napping.  During that post, my son was in his room (yes, I was trying to get him to nap).  He was banging on his door as I was finishing up.  To my amazement, his diaper was off and he was covered in poop.  His walls, bed, furniture and everything from his belly down, had poop on it.  What does my son say to me, when I asked him why he did it?  He said, “I did it for you mommy, doesn’t it look pretty?”  How can you get mad at that?  🙂  Have a great day yall!


7 Things You Should Never Say to Your Toddler


I know I said I would do these crazy pretty flip flops (which I did and they didn’t turn out like I liked) but this seemed to be better for today’s tid-bit.

We are taking my son to preschool for the first time tomorrow.  He’s seen his class, his bags are packed and he’s totally ready to go.  It seems that at the age of three is when their little nap-o-meter turns off and they say “NO” to naps.  At what point, really, do I stop struggling with him and let him get up?  Any way…out of frustration I usually end up screaming something to the effect of, “if you get out of bed, one more time…so help me”!  I found this article and I think it really helped me calm down.  Although it didn’t have anything to do with naps, it did help me not open my mouth to say something stupid/hateful to my son.  Do I still feel terrible for yelling at him…?  Yes!  So without any further wait.  Here’s the link to 7 things you should never say to your toddler.  Thanks Monica for sharing this.  Happy Monday!

Dallas Photographer – 50% Off Fall Mini Session


Okay so wow, two posts in one day!  If you’re in the Dallas Area and you need a quick Mini-Session for back to school photos…check out this website:  They are doing a special deal, if you like them on Facebook then they will give you 50% off a “Fall Mini-Session”.  If you already “Like” them then all you have to do is go to the website and book your session.  It’s so easy!  Oh and did I mention…I’m Green Eggs!  So go HIT “Like” and book today!  I can’t wait to shoot you, your bump, your baby, your family, your dog (well maybe not your dog) and whatever else you got going on in that awesome life of yours!  Go, click…HURRY!

30 Min DIY Tube-Top Bra


Okay so I bought this cute (not so cute on me) dress that’s old-school.  You know…the one that has the stretchy material up-top and then just falls to the floor…no straps.  I thought it was cute on the hanger, got it home to try on (since the kids in a shopping cart won’t fit in the changing rooms) and my chest just sagged.  Now, I’ve fed two kids (so far) with these bad boys and they still look okay but they don’t look anything like they did pre-kiddos.  So I need a bra.  I don’t have money to just go whip out at the store for a new strapless bra so I thought I’d try to make one.  You remember em’.  Yeah, the tube-tops!  They used to be so popular in the early 80’s for me.  So I got online and found a brilliant tutorial.  I’m gonna show you my version.  She did great…but here’s mine.  🙂

So, materials.  I had all of this so I didn’t have to buy ANYTHING! Hence, why this was so brilliant.

– stretchy material (I got mine at Walmart for 1.50 a yard)
– thread
– sewing machine

Yep!  That’s it.  Okay so first.  Measure your bust.  Then, take about (give or take a few) 10 inches off that.  Lay it out on the table and trim the edges to make it all straight.

Sew right down the side.  Make sure that you pull it while you so or the thread will break when you actually put your tube top on!

PAY CLOSE ATTENTION or you will have to cut off this step and start over.

Now, make sure you turn it right side out for this next step.  It needs to look like this!

Now, this is confusing so stick with me here.  The only way I can tell you is that from this step, you have to actually turn your work right side in…half way and make these edges (where my finger is pointing in above image) meet.  Even the video wasn’t clear on this step  It’s at the bottom of you need more visuals.  Then sew here:
Your piece should look just like this when sewing this end.  And you don’t need to stretch this part because it’s not going to stretch.

Now, when you sew this end, make sure you leave a little opening for you to turn everything right side out again.  This is mine, turned right side out.

Now, just sew or hand-stitch your opening up like this:

Then you’ll have this piece to ewwww and ahhhh over.  You can (if you want a little separation for the twins) get some material and make a little tie for the middle.  I”m not posting my finished product on me cause that would just be something to laugh at and pass around the net.  Hubby wouldn’t care for that at all!  So here it is, draped on my arm.  Doesn’t do it justice.  But you get the idea!  Right.  Right!??!  🙂

So if you still don’t get it, here’s the video.  Have fun!

Oh and make sure you check back soon.  Like tomorrow cause I’m making these for our late (yeah really) summer vacation.  I can’t wait!

You are a gift of God to your husband and your kids


This isn’t me, it’s a sweet friend of mine and her beautiful daughter.

So as you  can see, I’m not posting a craft today.  My husband is so sweet to me, sending me little reminders to keep me encouraged as a wife, mother and stay-at-home-mom.  We just recently started potty-training our 3 year old son.  After months of struggling with him, we finally have had a break through this week.  Every day is different and some days (not just because of potty-training), I just want to collapse when hubby gets home from work.  Check out, some mom’s say.  But dinner has to be served, kids have to have baths, story time has to happen and house has to be straightened to do it all over again the next day.  So hubby can tell when I need encouragement (I just love that God blessed me with him).  He sent me this link from Gospel Coalition.

In reading this article, I started to tear up.  It had many great points and hit most everything right on the head of what I have gone through before.  Some days are way better than others.  But one thing is for sure.  It IS only by the grace of God that my kids grow up a strong force for the kingdom!  There are no perfect kids and no perfect mothers.  No matter what I read in blogs, magazines or learn in books!  He has spoken His approval over me in Christ even if my kid throws a fit in the middle of Target.  People stare (you think they think, get a hold of your child!)…you just want to run to the car and cry (I did that!).  So walk in freedom and let Him hold you together when everything seems to be falling apart.  Thank you Trevin Wax for the well written article and thank you hubby for sending me some uplifting words to get me through today!

Mice Infestation…?


Okay so not that I take pride in knowing ANYTHING about an animals poop, but this time…yes I have to!  We live in the country so it’s no surprise that every now and then we would have mice take notice of the cat food in the garage or the comfy sofa on our back porch.  When we moved in, mice lived in our house.  So every time I see something that resembles poop, I go crazy.  I make the hubby buy new traps, plug-ins to keep them from the house.  What ever it takes to get them gone.  We even revamped our garage to keep them from being tempted.

Now, it’s summer and the grasshoppers are everywhere.  See!  Yeah.  This is just some of them.  They are all over the porch, the house, the plants and furniture!  It’s driving me crazy!

See this little guy camps out on our couch during the day.  Then he invites his buds to come party at night when we’re asleep.  He’s hiding for fear that I’ll KILL him.

Oh yeah, here he is.  Little fiend.  Yeah, take notice of the mice plug-in.  That was the first attempt to see if the mice were really hanging out.  The second attempt was to put Owlie (our son’s fake owl) out to scare the little pests.

Thanks to the internet ( I love GOOGLE).  I found out that this:

looks just like rat, mice, mouse, PEST poop!  So yes, I was freeking out.  Because I wasn’t smelling pee, we weren’t finding poop in the garage and nothing was being chewed through (EXCEPT ALL OUR PLANTS).  So now that I’ve found out that grasshoppers poop looks like mice poop, I can relax a little.  Now, how to I keep them from chewing all my plants to bits?!?!?!?

Potty Training Boys!


Okay, so over the last couple months, it’s become quite obvious that potty training boys (maybe girls too) is hard.  My son is three (just turned three in July) and it’s sad to say, he’s still in diapers.  I’ve struggled trying to get him into regular underwear, not because he isn’t compliant but because I really don’t know how to tackle transitioning him.  He can go pee in the pot without any problem…most times I ask him, he’ll go!  But to poop in the pot (not table talk, I know) is an absolute battle!  Most times, he will not tell me he’s pooped or he is in denial about going poop.  At his three year well baby, the doctor told me to grit my teeth and just do it!  Really!  Just do it.  Argh.  So, here’s a website I am going to share with you, cause you’re just cool like that!  If you are in the process of trying to teach a toddler to poop in the pot, then this website might just help you.

I will say this!  All five things she tells you, sound’s great.  I have a hard time letting my three year old (we live in the country and around tons of chiggers) roam around the back pasture with his birthday suit on doesn’t really excite me.  We will, however…put on the big-boy padded undies and see how that works.  Supposedly, if they feel wet or poopy, then they will be aware of what’s going on and not want to be that way.  Thus making them want to go in the pot when they need to.  Besides, the padded undies don’t soak up the goods like the disposable diapers do.  We’ve noticed that with his swimsuit on this summer.  He really hates pooping in the swimsuit.  Duh!  🙂