Traintastic Pillowcase


If your son is like mine, anything that has wheels on it is the best of the best toy ever!  Now, if it’s a train (Chuggington) or a MONSTER truck, then he’s set for life.  We went to the new fabric store that just opened last week and they didn’t have ANY train fabric.  So we went to the trusty Walmart (who has never failed at anything for me other than finding ginger-root) and got some Chuggington fabric.  Of course, I gave him the option, “do you want Thomas or Chuggington”?  What a stupid question MOM!  🙂  This is what he chose.

I didn’t measure my fabric cause I have done several of these before today.  So I just guessed.  🙂  So lay out your fabric and plan out how you want it to look.

Set your fabric up like this.  With the right sides of the fabric together.

Sew down the edges like this.  Do both ends.

Ziz-zag the ends so they don’t fray.

Once you have sewn down the ends of the pillowcase, make sure you sew down the sides of the pillowcase.

Turn it right-side out and iron down the ends of your pillow case.

Don’t forget to zig-zag the edges of everything so nothing frays, cut your loose ends and present!

1/2 yard Chuggington material + travel pillowcase = happy boy!



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