Mice Infestation…?


Okay so not that I take pride in knowing ANYTHING about an animals poop, but this time…yes I have to!  We live in the country so it’s no surprise that every now and then we would have mice take notice of the cat food in the garage or the comfy sofa on our back porch.  When we moved in, mice lived in our house.  So every time I see something that resembles poop, I go crazy.  I make the hubby buy new traps, plug-ins to keep them from the house.  What ever it takes to get them gone.  We even revamped our garage to keep them from being tempted.

Now, it’s summer and the grasshoppers are everywhere.  See!  Yeah.  This is just some of them.  They are all over the porch, the house, the plants and furniture!  It’s driving me crazy!

See this little guy camps out on our couch during the day.  Then he invites his buds to come party at night when we’re asleep.  He’s hiding for fear that I’ll KILL him.

Oh yeah, here he is.  Little fiend.  Yeah, take notice of the mice plug-in.  That was the first attempt to see if the mice were really hanging out.  The second attempt was to put Owlie (our son’s fake owl) out to scare the little pests.

Thanks to the internet ( I love GOOGLE).  I found out that this:

looks just like rat, mice, mouse, PEST poop!  So yes, I was freeking out.  Because I wasn’t smelling pee, we weren’t finding poop in the garage and nothing was being chewed through (EXCEPT ALL OUR PLANTS).  So now that I’ve found out that grasshoppers poop looks like mice poop, I can relax a little.  Now, how to I keep them from chewing all my plants to bits?!?!?!?


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