7 Things You Should Never Say to Your Toddler


I know I said I would do these crazy pretty flip flops (which I did and they didn’t turn out like I liked) but this seemed to be better for today’s tid-bit.

We are taking my son to preschool for the first time tomorrow.  He’s seen his class, his bags are packed and he’s totally ready to go.  It seems that at the age of three is when their little nap-o-meter turns off and they say “NO” to naps.  At what point, really, do I stop struggling with him and let him get up?  Any way…out of frustration I usually end up screaming something to the effect of, “if you get out of bed, one more time…so help me”!  I found this article and I think it really helped me calm down.  Although it didn’t have anything to do with naps, it did help me not open my mouth to say something stupid/hateful to my son.  Do I still feel terrible for yelling at him…?  Yes!  So without any further wait.  Here’s the link to 7 things you should never say to your toddler.  Thanks Monica for sharing this.  Happy Monday!


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