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Homeschooling – To do or NOT to do?


I must admit, having a blog was more work than I thought it’d be.  Especially since I have some people who actually read what I post (*wink*).  So for those of you that do read and have been “patiently” waiting for a new post, here it is.  You’ll notice the last post was in October.  That’s because that’s when hubby and I started trying for number three!  We didn’t have to try long, because that month we got pregnant and now we are expecting our third bundle of joy…a boy.   With only a few months left, I have been crafting like crazy.  Although I have no pictures to show for it, I have been crafting, but NOT during nap-time!  I’m actually taking naps with the kids.  But for this post, I direct your attention to the most fabulous website EVER, ABC Jesus Loves Me.  With our son just about to finish up his very first year of school (preschool) we are now looking into his future schooling years.  Should we home-school or not?!?!  Not that his first year was bad by any means.  In fact, his teacher was WONDERFUL!  But with the prospect of him actually going to public schools in a few years and not being taught with a Christian background, we are nervous.  Most of what he learns is in school.  So it’s our responsibility to give him a good foundation and something worth growing up with.  With two other kids in the house, I’m scared to home school him.  So this summer, we are using ABC Jesus Loves Me to try out our home-schooling abilities.  To see if he’ll actually pay attention to me or if we’ll struggle.  Take a look around their website.  I’ve only just started pulling materials from them and they are GREAT!  Most of their stuff, my son has already done in his classroom.  It’s just great!  Good luck in your adventures!