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Okay so a while back with this post, I talked about potty training training boys.  Now I can finally give my 2 cents for real on it and say that what I did worked.  Bubba boy finally got it ya’ll!  He is FINALLY potty trained!  Whoop!  Praise God for he is so good.  I was on my last limb, just about ready to pull out my hair when he finally started going number two at school with his teacher.  He even told me he didn’t want to go at home that he would ONLY go with his teachers.  Let me just share what I’ve learned.

This website was great at giving me some pointers.  However, every child is different and requires either more or less energy.  My son, being the “one in control of everything” (not) knew in his mind when he would be ready to be finished with potty training.  I just had to figure out what would make him go and how to enforce it all.  We started out with the pull-ups.  Any mother might tell you that would be the next stage but I totally disagree!  We did that and he still felt like he was wearing diapers.  He’d just go whenever and then come tell me.  We’d pull off the wet one and put on a  new one, I’d get frustrated and then he’d be off playing again…never noticing what had actually happened.  So in a few steps, I’ll tell you how this momma did it!

1. Start out with a potty chart.  Post it somewhere where EVERYONE can see it (our bathroom door worked great)!  Every time he tries, actually goes, has an accident or fights you…put a check mark by it.  Also record the time so you can get a good idea of when his actual potty times are.

2. Go to Walmart and pick out some bite-sized candy they like.  These treats for for if he tries (one treat), actually goes pee (two/three treats).  We also let him pick out some cool toys to put in a treat box for when he went poop in the potty.  I put in some mini candy bars too, just for fun.  Put the candy treats somewhere where he/she can see them.  The toy treat box should be in a closet up high.  Remind him about the toy treats often and let him even go through there, picking out the one he’ll get when he goes for the first time.

3. Go to the kids clothing area and let them pick out two packets of underwear.  Don’t go putting him in pull-ups, go straight to underwear!  The pull ups will just confuse him and frustrate you!  I promise.  Besides, he’ll be totally excited to put these bad boys on for the first time.  At night was the only time we ever put him in a diaper.

4. Put him/her on a timer.  Start out small, with 10-15 minutes max.  Plan on not going anywhere for the next two to three days.  The timer is a reinforcement to help you.  So that you aren’t the bad guy telling them when it’s time to go try.  Make it an exiting deal that the timer went off.  At first it’s fun for them.  But after the 10th time of going by the timer…they might hesitate.  That’s fine just remind them if they at least try, they’ll get a treat.

5.  So finally, just relax and let him do his thing.  Don’t get frustrated!  It will happen. He will NOT go to college in diapers, I PROMISE!

Just a reminder…

Just trying – one treat
Pee – two treats
Poop – toy from treat box
Hesitation – encouragement from momma

Now, go get him trained!!!  Have fun.  Relax.  Breathe.  This will probably be the hardest thing you have to do with him!  Well other than sending him off to college or letting some girl marry him.  🙂