My Newest Addiction


runners highA few months back, life seems to have put me on a path of getting healthy.  So I started dieting by counting my calories and running five days a week and one of those days I get the privilege of attending boot-camp with some amazing ladies.  During the next few months I found my newest addiction.  While they are sleeping, I get up, have my quite time (cause I can’t start the day without hearing from the Lord), drink some coffee (cause let’s face it, no one is “normal” without some java) and then go run.   It’s a routine that I’ve become accustomed to and quite honestly, have become addicted to.  I would be lying if I told you I was only running for my health.

Did you know that not only is running a great way to get your body into shape, it can also change your mood, prevent disease, boost your confidence,relieve stress, eliminate depression and completely turn your world upside down in the most positive ways!  I’ll give you a list of website that give you good information to help convince you running is the best way to lose weight and feel great PLUS foods to eat after your run to help keep your body working even after you’re finished.  Don’t take my word for it it…get out there and try it for yourself.  Go…get addicted.  I promise you’ll be happy you did!

Benefits of Running

Best foods to Eat After
10. Oatmeal – Oatmeal is a great post-run food because it contains carbohydrates, protein and fiber. Fiber makes you feel full so you don’t risk over-indulging.
9.  Greek Yogurt
8. Hummus – It’s full of protein and it also contains plenty of fiber to help make you feel full.
7. Chicken – Duh.
6. Salmon – Contain’s omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants that’ll help your body recover.
5. Sports Bars – Also referred to as an energy bar, workout bar or any number of other names.
4. Banana’s – A great source of protein.
3. Fruit – Any fruit will work because they’ll make you feel full and full of fiber.
2. Almonds – They provide antioxidants and, if eaten regularly, can even lower cholesterol.
1. Veggies – Antioxidants, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

My Running List – promise to not laugh
1. This is how we do – Katy Perry
2. Shake it Off – Taylor Swift
3. Only Girl (in the world) – Rihanna
4. Love Runs Out – OneRepublic
5. Timber – Pitbull, Keisha
6. Lights – Elli  Goulding
7. Your Love is My Drug – Ke$ha
8. Burn – Elli Goulding
9. On the Floor – Jennifer Lopez
10. All About the Bass – Meghan Trainor
11. 4 Minutes – Justin Timberlake and Madonna
12. Drunk on Love – Rihanna
13. Blow – Ke$ha

*this gets me though a 5K


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