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Miracle Pan Release!


Yeah, that’s what I said.  Miracle Pan Release!  With “L’s” party just weeks away, I’ve been getting ready to make her first birthday cake.  It’s so fun to be girly!  🙂  Luckily for me, her first year photo shoot with Tasha B Photography is this Saturday and I have to do a mock up of her smash cake.  It’s gonna be the cutest photo shoot ever.  So today, I ran across this GREAT goo for a cake release.  I haven’t tried it but the girl swears by it.  All the comments say it’s a go too!  I don’t have any pictures of my goo but copied hers.  She totally gets the goods for this one.  Thanks Apron of Grace for the great post!


“Spring” Cleaning


Yeah, I know…it’s a little early but dang it Pinterest!!!!!  🙂  I saw this way-too-cool post and JUST had to try it out.  I mean, my stove really needs a total face-lift so this will just have to do for now.  I think this summer I’ll get the hubby to spray paint it or something.  I’m thinking apple red would look pretty.  Anyway, on with the post!

So here’s my nasty, NASTY drip pans.  Pretty gross right!  Gag.

With the new year, come’s new year’s resolutions and with new year’s resolutions comes a cash budget.  I’ve mentioned it before on this blog.  So asking the hubby for money to get new drip pans was way out of the question.  I saw a post on Pinterest about an easy way to clean your drip pans without having to scrub ANYTHING!  Now I will tell you first hand, it really works (sort of) but don’t have the expectations you won’t have to lift a finger to make them look perfect.  So here’s what you do.  Get you some household Ammonia and some large gallon size ziplocks!  Now, I put in about a 1/2 Cup Ammonia into the ziplock bag and zipped it up.  Like this:

I put each burner into a separate baggy.  Cause I really thought I would do whatever it took to make sure I didn’t have to scrub afterwards.  Then I left it outside in the garage floor (cause the bag will start to leak Ammonia everywhere) for 32 hours.  Wiggling with anticipation for all of 32 hours, I went and got the baggies, carefully unzipped them (don’t do it inside unless you don’t mind the fumes), sprayed them down with hose and brought them inside.  Now they weren’t perfectly clean…almost but not perfect.  I had to use an SOS pad to scrub off the really stuck on crud.  I spent a total of 10 minutes on all four burners, scrubbing.  I KNOW, right!  I mean, most of the stuff just started flaking off.  I did have to put SOME elbow grease into it but not a lot!  Here’s my pretty new drip pan:


Cookie Dough Balls


One of my best memories as a kid was getting to lick the bowl after Mom finished making cookies, brownies…whatever.  As an adult, I find that my need to indulge in raw dough has been lessened.  I guess because I know the harm in what “might” be if I decide to lick the contents of such bowl.  Although, we ate all that raw dough (sometimes my mom would just make the dough and let us grub on it until it was gone), nothing ever happened and we never got sick.  So why is it that every time I bake, I act like the raw dough is a disease just waiting to attack?  Anywho!  I was on Pinterest and found this oh so yummy recipe on eat-drink-smile and thought, what the heck.  Thanks Beth for sharing this great recipe.  It’s soooo tasty!  Funny thing about this dough.  I originally intended making this for a family function next week.  But it seems that between me and my son, it’s not going to last until then.  Guess I’ll have to make more…DARN!  So without further adieu, here’s the recipe.

Halloween Treats


I just love the month of October!  Besides all the cute pumpkins, ghosts and little black cats peeking around every corner…this month is my birthday month!  I just LOVE October.  I love that people can look at this month and get creative with Halloween.  Stumbling around the internet, I found this cute (actually sort of gross) but funny picture of a pumpkin.  Rather than explain, I’ll just show you a picture.

Oh yeah…It’s just that funny, isn’t it!  I can’t get over the fact that I could eat guacamole on just about everything, but eating it from the mouth of a pumpkin just makes me gag.  I made this little number for my life group last night for snack.  I had a blast setting it up and seeing people’s faces as they came in and saw what the treat was.  It was “SPOOKTACULAR”.  For those who didn’t like guacamole, I made these:

Meringue Ghosts

These were just the basic forgotten cookie recipe.  Instead of putting chocolate chips in the mix, I used them for eyes.  I also used a one gallon ziplock to spread these bad-boys on to a baking tray to cook.

Thanks Life Group for letting me do snack.  I had a great time.  Happy Halloween!

DIY Sushi Day


So today was the day!  I ventured out to the Chinese Market with a friend yesterday and got all the goods to make my California Roll!  While the kiddo’s were sleeping, I steamed my rice, prepped my rolling mat and cleaned my counter to prepare for this yummy lunch.  The first one was a bit goofy looking.  But the second one went up without any hitches.  I love to have a full belly.

Here's what mine looked like!

Here is a link/video on how to make your own.  I found it very helpful.  And ABSOLUTLY wrap your mat in plastic.  Don’t skip that step or you’ll end up with sticky rice everywhere!  Good luck!


  • Avocado
  • 5 cups of sushi rice
  • 4 sheets of nori (toasted seaweed)
  • 7 teaspoons toasted seasame seeds
  • 1/2 Japanese cucumber (I used a regular cucumber and sliced thin)
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons of mayonnaise
  • 5 ounces of imitation crabmeat (I prefer the “sticks” and not the chunks)
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons of sliced scallions


  1. Prepare your rice according to directions.
  2. Mix your mayo and scallions, set aside.
  3. Cut your Avocado, Cucumber and set aside.
  4. Prepare your mat, cover with plastic so the sticky rice doesn’t stick!
  5. Make sure everything is close at hand before starting your roll.
  6. Lay your seaweed shiny side down.
  7. Wet your hands to deal with stick rice.  Cover your seaweed fully.
  8. Carefully turn seaweed over.
  9. Spread your mayo mixture thinly over whole surface of seaweed.
  10. Add your Crabstick, Avocado and Cucumber.
  11. Roll over seaweed, tight.
  12. Use a SHARP knife to cut your roll (I used a serrated knife)
  13. Transfer to plate and enjoy!

I made a happy plate!  Yummy!!!


DIY Sushi

DIY Sushi

So I’m going to get sushi for the first time in months at this fabulous place close to home.  Because I’m breastfeeding, doctors told me to stay away from raw fish.  While I was pregnant with my daughter, I ate the California Roll as often as my husband would let me.  Most times, begging someone to go with me (cause he wouldn’t).  Now I have a neighbor that will go with me as many times as our stomachs and wallets will let us.  Yippee.  While my kiddos were asleep, I thought…”hum, what if I could save hubby some money and cook these puppies at home”.  Needless to say, I found the DIY website, showing me how to do it.  I’ll go to the store next week and get the goods to make them.  For now, here’s the link with everything you need to know on how to make your OWN sushi.  Good luck.

Peanut Butter Haystacks!


Oh yum.  The joy of it being Friday!  Not only is it the weekend but it’s cookie day.  Today, I decided to make these haystacks.  They are a favorite of my hubby’s childhood memories.  I love bringing back memories like that.  I’ll post the recipe later or you can Google it.

Peanut Butter Haystack Cookies


 I think I’ve had three of these so far.  They are so yummy.  Let them cool before you eat them or they are chewy!