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Halloween Decor – DIY


header-bannerI tried to hold out for hubby to get the decorations down from the attic but just couldn’t wait any longer!  I’ve been waiting three weeks to put up my decorations and started thinking…I really don’t want to use the kiddie decorations I’ve been using the last 10 years.  While there are some cute things in there, I really wanted to update my stash.  So here are a few DIY decorations you can do and they will take you about 30 minutes each!

Burlap Halloween Bannerhalloween bannerI’m a sucker for burlap,  so it was easy to decide what my theme was going to be.  So with that.  Let’s start with the burlap Halloween banner.  It’s about 60 inches wide and will work with almost any size mantle.  Each flag is 5.75 inches wide (9 flags total).  I cut out all the flags and then printed this for the letters.  Here comes the easy part.  Just place the letter behind the flag and trace with a sharpie!  Done.

Spooky Wooden Blocks
spooky blocks
So rather than re-post a whole new how-to on this little cutie…I will just shoot you the link.  I added in some of my own extra letters though to spell our our family name and some other cute words.  That’s where your creative brain kicks in.  You can find the toot here.  Have fun with it!

Spooky Bats
wall batsThis was, I think the coolest decoration and one of my most favorites!  I found a PDF on Pinterest and picked out the best looking bat.  I then made this file spooky bat template and printed it out on white card-stock.  I then cut them out, traced them on black card-stock, cut them out, used a ruler to fold the wings in the middle and taped them up on the wall.  I put them on the fireplace too for a cool effect.
fireplace batsSpooky Toilet Monster
toilet monsterOkay y’all.  This one was my first decoration and the kids LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it!  So easy.  I measured the area I wanted to use, used black card-stock, used a ruler to get the angle right, made some fingers like so, cut out two white eyes and then added some black for the middle of the eyes.  I taped on the monster and let my kids find the creature on their own.  Wish I had recorded their reaction.  It was cute.

Creepy Spider Burlap Banner
spider runner
Last but not least.  The creepy spider burlap banner.  I found a cool picture on pinterest (yeah, I know) of a spider.  I recreated it in Illustrator and made three sizes.  I saved a PDF just for you spooky spiders.  My table top is 48 inches long so I just designed it to be on the table top, not the ends.  So I printed out the template and placed it under the burlap.  I used a black sharpie to trace the shadows of the spiders.  I then added “paint” splotches around the banner.  I got the cool web from Dollar Tree to put in the middle.  Cool huh!

That’s all I have for now.  Be looking out for cool toot on how to make a cool wooden “Happy Halloween” sign to put as a cool center piece, up on the mantle or in your entry way.  Have a happy Wednesday!


DIY Burlap Cross – Doorhanger



I LOVE crafting.  It fills my “joy/in a good mood” tank!  Every time I get to do a craft (uninterrupted), I get giddy and my heart starts to race.  I started this craft a week ago and my sisters house and just finished it today.  There are loads of cool things you can do on the internet with burlap.  I found this design on Pinterest but she used a wood cross of sorts.  It was not burlap AND she charged way too much for me to just go buy it.  So my crafty self came up with this design.

You’ll need:
2 yards of burlap
acrylic paints and brushes
hot glue gun
15-20 plastic Walmart type bags
butcher paper

1. So, come up with the design and draw it on some butcher paper.  Make it pretty big (like you are going to actually sew around the cross).  This step took me three tries to get it the exact size I wanted.  2. When you have your design figured out, use a pen to trace the design onto the burlap. 3. Paint the cross with whatever design you want.  I used the chevron design (because it’s popular right now).  You’ll need to let it dry before you move on.  I let it dry over night (or for 3/4 hours).  4. Cut out the painted part of the cross.  Leave the other yard for later.  5. Then hot glue (*USING GENEROUS AMOUNTS OF GLUE) the part of the cross up to where it “t’s”.  Stuff the cross with plastic bags, using a pencil or ruler to get it “stiff”.  Parts of your burlap might come unglued…so glue those parts back.  6. Continue gluing the edges of the cross to get the rest of the cross “stiff” with the plastic bags.  7. Now, cut a strip of burlap to make a bow.  Hot glue that in desired location.  8.  Finally, use a spare piece of burlap to hot glue to the back so that you can hang it on a door hanger.

Voila!  You’re finished!!!  Go craft something cool.  Shoot me a picture, so I can see.  🙂

DIY Fabric Wreath


fabric wreath

I realize it’s been a while since the last post.  Having two children (one who has stopped napping all-together and the other usually sleeps an hour) makes it hard for me to craft during a no-more-nap-time schedule for me.  I find the only time I have to do anything crafty is at night and by then, I’m tired!  As I said before, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  100% of that reason is we added a new bundle to our blessed family!  He’s three months old and we are SO BLESSED!  He just recently started sleeping through the night so I FINALLY have a little more time.  So with that…this is the craft I’m going to show you.  As I said before, I don’t have a lot of time these days.  The wreath above is the one I made for the hospital door.  Then I brought it home to put on my son’s door.  It took me a total of one hour to do and I got SO many compliments on it.  I apologize for not having any pictures of how to do it.  It’s so easy, anyone can do it.  I promise.  Here’s what you’ll need.

Straw Wreath – get it at Walmart
*don’t take of the plastic and buy the smallest of the two they carry

3 – 4 1/4 yards of coordinating fabric
*I would get four if you’re not good at improvising

floral picks
*usually down the same isle you find the wreaths

ribbon to match your fabric

letter stickers

Okay so cut all your fabric about 1 1/2 inch thick at 12 inches or so long.  Tie each of the four pieces of fabric to your floral pick and pin into your straw wreath.  Do that all the way around your wreath until you’ve covered your wreath completely.  Then take some ribbon and place at the bottom of the wreath to put the baby’s name on.  I got scrap-booking sticker letters for mine.  They stick on hard-core so be careful you won’t need to adjust later.

There’s only a couple tricky things you need to know.  First off, don’t pin your picks so close together or you’ll need more fabric.  I actually had to adjust my picks several times before it looked just right.  Also, the sides of your wreath won’t be completely covered.  If you want a more fluffy wreath than mine, buy more fabric and put your picks closer together.  I’d suggest taking your ribbon, create a hook and hang your wreath up before you pin a whole lot so that you can see how the fabric will fall.  Also, be prepared for lots of frayed material bits all over your floor and clothes.  🙂  Have fun with it!  Post pictures of your creations.  I’d love to see them.  Oh and I will be creating another one soon with actual pictures if you want to wait for that post.  Happy October ya’ll!

Another Chan Luu Bracelet Tutorial


Yes, I’m addicted now.  It’s official.  I love these bracelets and with all the beads I have left over from when my grandmother was obsessed…the sky is the limit.  She would be mortified that I was cutting up all her strands but hey.

Anywho…found this fabulous tutorial over at buatkalunggelang.  So far, this tutorial is the best tutorial I’ve found for these tiny beads.  The ONLY tid-bit is “fray-check” won’t work.  She say’s, “maybe”…I say, “nope”.  If you are going to spend the $4.99 at Michaels (SUPER GLUE works too) on pearl/bead glue, make sure you really need it.  So far, I haven’t put any glue on my pretties but that’s not to say I won’t before it’s all said and done.  Oh and it take at least three yards of thread to bead this puppy!  I have medium sized bones.  A 22″ inch bracelet goes around my wrist three times.  With all the wrapping you’ll do, be prepared to spend at least two hours.  Get a good movie, glass of wine and BEAD!  You’ll get better as you go.  These pictures are from the first two I made.  I made one yesterday that turned out beautiful.  I’m just too tired to post.  Maybe later…?

Here’s what they looked like.  Pretty huh!

I was given this fabulous box of buttons from my mother-in-law.  They were from her mother (granny allen).  So I am wearing stuff from both Grannies.  I love it.  Check out this cool antique button.  I think I’ll remake this bracelet and use my new techniques to hold the beads into place better.

Here’s the finished bracelet.  Cute huh.

Even after doing this one, I thought I’d make another one using these teal beads.  The cord I used is actually purple (that’s all I had) but it works.  🙂

Now, go craft one of your own.  These $3 bracelets make for a good gift, right?!?!?  Right!

Chan Luu Bracelet Tutorial


Yeah, so I had to get back to crafting something other than “girly” stuff for my daughter’s FIRST birthday.  Not that I’m not totally excited about it but I need to do something that isn’t pink for a change.  I got on Pinterest and found this really cool bracelet!  Apparently, wrap bracelets are popular.  I made one and totally fell in LOVE.  Here is the tutorial over at Henry Happened.  I had so much fun making mine.  Here’s what I used.

6 – 32 inch leather strings
1 – 1 inch metal washer
24 brown wood beads

* The ONLY thing I can say is the most time consuming thing was the fastener.  I tied a knot with a washer on one end and a loop on the other.  Make SURE you follow the directions on the tutorial.  Six inches on either end (braided) and 24 beads in the middle.  Don’t tie it too tight but don’t tie it too loose either.  The bead will either slip around or they will pop out.  Get them just right.   Also, get something heaving to hold one set of stings to the side when you’re attaching the beads.  Otherwise it will be a big mess and you’ll have to keep resetting the beads.  Yuck.  Have fun.  🙂

DIY Nursery Pretty


Not that my daughter needs anything else in her room more girly…but I had some “free” time on my hands.  It’s so easy and way too cute!  I’m thinking I’ll have to do it for the nieces too!  I had all of this already on hand, just waiting to be utilized.  I just love that it’s the beginning of a new year.  Everything in my craft closet is organized and easily found!  Hope it stays that way.

So, here are the beads I had.

This was the wire I used.  Very bendable and super thin.  You can get it at most craft stores.  I got the wire at Michael’s in the floral area!  I used small beads because it’s a nursery accent piece.  I didn’t want anything big.  They came from a necklace my grandma had.   Weird thing about them, they retained the smell of her perfume.  Even though she’s been dead for several years, and I haven’t worn the necklace…the perfume is still there.  So sweet.  Landry has something from every grandma in her room.

Here’s the wire, bent to the shape of an “L”.  Cursive is so much prettier for a shabby chic room, don’t you think!  🙂

Here’s the “L” completed with beads all the way on it.  Make sure you use needle nose pliers to bend up the edges to keep the beads from falling off.

Now, hang this little number with a pretty piece of ribbon.  I used white cause my little girls room is decked out in shabby chic stuff.  You can use whatever color you want!

Secret Santa


I know this sweet family that has a sweet, sweet daughter.  I’ve mentioned her before on my blog.  Anyway, her mom and I were talking and her little girl is so concerned about Santa not being able to get into their non-chimney house.  I was on the internet and found this great tutorial for families without chimney’s!  Thanks to Organize Your Stuff Now for this great idea!  Check it out.  Here’s what mine looked like.  I’ll take it over tonight and leave it at the door.  She’ll find it in the morning.  So excited!!