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Father’s Day Gifts – No Peeking Hubby


So I’ve been trying to get as much crafting done as possible before baby three comes (three weeks!!!).  Since Father’s Day is right around the corner, what a perfect reason to craft.  I’ve found a ton of great resources.  Since this is a FATHER’S DAY POST…hubby, you aren’t allowed to read!  So go away!  🙂  The Mom Bot was the main resource I used.  She had several crafty ideas to help me along on this adventure.  So thanks Mom Bot for your sweet craftiness!  My hubby and FIL will love their gifts.  Make sure if you use one of her crafts, you tag back to her so she gets the credit!  Moving on.

DIY gift ideas for men |

Image below; courtesy of  The Mom Bot

We are on a tight, TIGHT budget so I didn’t spend any money on any of this stuff.  It was great!  Here’s the craft I worked on:

1-DSC_0012 (2)It was so easy ya’ll!  I had my son draw his image on a piece of paper, I traced it and then embroidered it onto a handkerchief I already had (bought a whole set of them for $6 at Walmart).  He hasn’t seen it finished yet but I know he’ll be happy to see it in color, on something ready to give to Papa!  I am really excited to do more of these.  I won’t tell you what other crafts I worked on from this page, in case I have spying eyes.  Just know, they were great ideas and I can’t wait for hubby to see them!  Have a great Father’s Day ya’ll!


Rag Quilt Tutorial


Okay, so I have to confess…I didn’t JUST do this quilt.  I did it back in February but as promised.  I’ll try not to take any breaks from my blog for a while in the effort to help you craft something fun!  My friend from across the way has a little girl.  I’ve mentioned her before.  She’s the one I made the Secret Santa Key for and the Bling Sling for.  She’s a little pistol, let me tell you.  We are always on a budget (which is a GOOD thing or I’d go nuts with our non-existent cash) so I found some material to make her a quilt.  She loves to play Eye-Spy on walks her mom and I take.  So what better thing to make her than and “Eye-Spy” quilt.  Right?!?!?  Seriously.  These quilts are SO easy, you don’t need a tutorial.  If you know how to sew straight lines, you’re set!

What you’ll need:
1. 4-5 Yards of fabric (depending on how long you want it)
2.  4-5 Yards of back fabric (could coordinate with the front pieces)
3. Batting (again this depends on your size quilt)
4. Sewing Machine

Okay so for the fun part.  Cut all your material in strips.  I cut mine about 12 inches wide.  It’s easier if you cut each patterned material at the same time.  So all my pink fabric was cut all at once.  Then line your fabric with your batting and your backing.  Do that for all your pieces.  Then take two strips (all assembled of course) with the backing of each assembled strip faced together.  Sew all the way down the edge.  Repeat that step for however many strips you have.  Then do you standard edging (I made my own bias tape…sort of) for the edges.  Then, YOU’RE DONE!  Yeah, I said it…DONE.  Easy as pie!  Now go, make one for this cool weather or as a gift.


Back In the Saddle…Again


Okay, so it’s been a while since I posted last.  To be honest, I have been crafting…just no time to post anything.  So this is what I’ve been working on.


Once I had these complete, I could focus on the fun stuff.  Creating my daughters Halloween costume.  She’s all girl and there is no stopping this little diva from getting into SOMETHING pink for Halloween.  My sister-n-law made me an apron like this

My daughter wears it all the time.  She almost never takes if off.  In fact, it’s a great thing for her to wear when she’s eating because it really does keep all the food off.  But mostly, she likes to wear it because it looks like a dress.  Forgive the picture.  It was from my mobile.  She loves twirling in it.


So because of her love for this apron, I just had to make her a dress to play in.  What better thing for her to play in but her very own princess dress.  I laid out the original apron, traced in and took my daughters measurements.  I measured from her collarbone to the length of what I wanted her dress to be.  I also measured around her chest and added two inches.  Basically I copied the “make-up” of the apron.  I also found this great tutorial for adding tulle to the dress.  I had to make it as frilly and girly as I could.  I didn’t actually sew up the back seam until I added all the tulle.  I used 4.5 yards of tulle and added straps of tulle for the shoulders.  I also did a “V” in the back with elastic loops and tied it with the a pretty ribbon.


Isn’t she a cutie pie.  Now, if I could just get her to get out of it.  So glad to be back posting!  See ya’ll again real soon.

Traintastic Pillowcase


If your son is like mine, anything that has wheels on it is the best of the best toy ever!  Now, if it’s a train (Chuggington) or a MONSTER truck, then he’s set for life.  We went to the new fabric store that just opened last week and they didn’t have ANY train fabric.  So we went to the trusty Walmart (who has never failed at anything for me other than finding ginger-root) and got some Chuggington fabric.  Of course, I gave him the option, “do you want Thomas or Chuggington”?  What a stupid question MOM!  🙂  This is what he chose.

I didn’t measure my fabric cause I have done several of these before today.  So I just guessed.  🙂  So lay out your fabric and plan out how you want it to look.

Set your fabric up like this.  With the right sides of the fabric together.

Sew down the edges like this.  Do both ends.

Ziz-zag the ends so they don’t fray.

Once you have sewn down the ends of the pillowcase, make sure you sew down the sides of the pillowcase.

Turn it right-side out and iron down the ends of your pillow case.

Don’t forget to zig-zag the edges of everything so nothing frays, cut your loose ends and present!

1/2 yard Chuggington material + travel pillowcase = happy boy!


Hand Warmer


Not that we actually need these now, but really.  I can ALWAYS use a nice warm something to get my hands warm.  This one was actually the first one I made.  I’ve made three others since then.  Of course, they get better with practice.  Here’s what you’ll need:

1-2 Cups Long Grain Rice
Smell Good – Essential Oils
Some Cute Coordinating Fabric
(use whatever size you want but no bigger than 12X18)
Paper Funnel

First, pick out your essential oil.

Then pour your rice into a bowl.

Then drip a few drips of oil onto your rice.  Stir it up nicely.

After you’ve stirred up your rice, set it aside and get your fabric.

For this particular project, I sewed two 12X18 sheets together with the floral print.  Then with the other print, I basically sewed a pillow case (for easy washing) to go over it.

For the left-over rice, I just sealed it away in a Zip-lock bag.

Go make one!  They are so easy.  Remember, send me a picture.  I wanna see your creative ideas.

Christmas Crafties


Okay, so I have to admit…I haven’t (duh) crafted in a while.  Way too busy to blog during the holidays.  Thanks to Pinterest, I made almost everyone in my family a home made gift this year.  After spending 10 minutes looking for photos that have been misplaced, I’m just going to post the ones I have.  I’ll start back to blogging “nuggets” over the next week or so.  Thanks Pinterest for making this year a very “creative” year for gifts.

Stockings for Bubba and Sissy

I designed these in Illustrator (got initial design off the internet and tweaked it a bit).  Then sized them according to the pattern of the stocking I had already made.  Printed out the designs, cut out the pieces, pinned them to the felt and cut them all out.  Yeah, I was totally watching Harry Potter during the making of both of them!  Once every piece was cut out, I carefully sewed put my stocking.  Then I glued all the pieces onto the stocking.  You can see on Austin’s stocking, I even added some jingles, AKA: Jengbells (in the words of my son).

Soothe Sack – Rice and Oils

Oober easy yall.  I wanted mine small.  So cut the cutest fabric you got into 9X12 pieces.  Drench (no not really drench) you rice a bit in whatever oil you have in the house.  Sew up the pieces, leaving just a tad on the bottom.  Filler up and hand sew the opening.  Tie with Tulle and tada!  You’re all done.  Make a cute poem…or not, to go with it.  Cheapest gift I made and what a BIG hit!

Ruffle Back Pack

Yall, I had so much fun making this!  I used 12X18 rectangles, 7 ruffles (I doubled the width X four inches four ruffles).  Made the ruffles (those took the most time) first.  Then sewed them onto the outside rectangle.  Turned the tops of the bag down, leaving the ends open.  Turned them right-side out, carefully sewing up the edges (make sure you use the time to pin the sides down, making sure you don’t sew down the edges of the ruffles).  Oh yeah, before you sew up the sides, put two small hooks on the bottom for rope.  I used 2 – 28 inch ropes for the handles.  You could use ribbon I guess.  For threading the straps go here.


Earring Holder

Okay, so my sweet niece just got her ears pierced.  How did I know she needed a holder you ask?  I DIDN’T.  I saw this idea on Pinterest (yeah, I REALLY should stop clarifying) and just had to make it for her.  I had the frame, the lace, the ribbon and the stapler all on hand.  So you got me…THIS was the cheapest thing I made.  It was free cause I had everything here already!  Oh yeah, she was in love with it.  Her little eyes lit up when she figured out what it was.  I played it out like I totally knew she needed it.  What a sweetie pie!

Snowman Crayons

How cool are these!  Yeah, I made two of these and some stars to go with them.  I actually got some heart molds I making for Valentines Day.  The kiddos and I will make them together.  I just love the idea of using old crayons, melting them and then molding them into cool things.  Plus, get this…my kiddo won’t eat these bad boys.  Yeah, he likes the way they look when he colors with them.  Go figure!

Okay, go create something…will ya!

DIY Toddler Sling (the bling sling)


So my son has a sweet little “girl” friend that I am just falling in love with.  What a personality, this one.  She’s so full of energy, spunk, and so much more.  NOTHING keeps that little girl down!  A couple days ago, she was in a situation where she had to have a temporary cast put on.  Now, she’s such a girly girl…it’s not even funny.  The sling they gave her is ghetto (you will ALL agree).  The positive here is that she called it her purse.  There aren’t any pocket’s, zippers or bling on this thing.  That “positive” worked for one day.  Her momma had a hard time keeping it on her.  Me being the non-stop person that I am, decided I would fashion her a BLING-sling.  I found the most sparkly, girly, glittery, bling material I could find.  Here’s what her first sling looked like.

Gag right…?  No offense to the people who work in this department but really…who designs this!

So with that, here’s how I crafted it up.  1. Take the hospital sling, trace the outline (on some tissue paper).  2. Pin the tissue paper on your piece of material, making sure the bottom part is on a fold.  3. If you don’t want to attach bias tape, cut two pieces of the same pattern.  Turn the pieces right side out, leaving a two inch section on the back open to turn it right side out.

4. Sew your two pieces together and turn it right side out.  I finished it by sewing all the way around it almost to the edge.

5. Cut a 6″ long ribbon and a 27″ ribbon out of 1″ wide ribbon.  Use fray check or a lighter to keep your ends from fraying.   6.  Sew the back part of your sling together.  7. Now is the time to add any extra bling to your sling.

8. The front part of the sling needs to have the loop where your two “D” rings go.  The very back of the sling is where you need to attach your 27″ ribbon.

9. Sew down the outer edge of the ribbon that has your “D” rings on to keep them from shifting.

You’re done!  Go bling a sling!  Here’s mine!