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Tutu Onesie Tutorial


I actually did two things yesterday during nap.  My punkin pie slept for almost five hours, while sweet pea was in and out for three hours.  I got a shirt from Walmart – the solids.  They are on clearance right now (if you consider they cost $3 and are $2.50) so go stock up.  Anyway, I got the solid shirt from Walmart, came home and printed out a cute little pumpkin for Halloween.  I cut out the white parts, taped it to the front and sprayed on bleach.  I did both sides so it looks stressed on both front and back.  I’ll upload a picture later.

The coolest thing I did during naptime was making my little sweet pea a Tutu Onesie.  This one’s practice for the real thing on Halloween.  I’ll use Tulle then and make a matching bow.  I got (yet another winner at Walmart) a pink onesie for almost $3.  Brought it home, washed it and sewed on some very cute ruffles.  I’m not terribly lazy at doing stuff, just taking step by step pictures for the tutorial.  If you’re artsy, you should be able to figure it out.  Because I’m nice, here’s the link to the tutorial.  The most time consuming thing is making the ruffles.  I didn’t finish the edges on mine because I wanted it stressed and rustic looking.



Mommy’s Mitten


So I was sitting in my mother in laws kitchen the other day and noticed she had a huge hole in her oven mitten.  Her birthday is coming up this October so I’m going to make her a glove.  I made one for my Mom for her birthday with these cute little applique hearts; one for each grandchild.  Here’s what it looks like.  It was super easy to make.  The next one I make will have more batting in the middle.  Took me almost an hour to make.

Quilted Oven Mitten

Little Romper Dress – Pattern &Tutorial

Little Romper Dress – Pattern &Tutorial

Okay so the last pattern I gave you was for an A-Line Dress.  This one is sort of like an A-Line but it’s not really a dress.  It’s more of a “romper”.  I did use the same material I used for the A-Line dress so it might confuse you.  This little puppy will have to have some bloomers.   This pattern, I totally did from scratch.  I took a shirt my daughter had and traced it out on tissue paper.  It took me three tries to get it right.  I hope you like it!  Get creative with it.  Add rick rack to the bottom, sew on appliques, add buttons or pockets.  So cute!

Here’s the pattern if you want to try!  You should be able to print this out on 8.5X11 Sheets.

Here’s Mine!  I also put on a cute little yellow flower fabric applique!  Next time I want to add ruffles on the bottom and make some diaper covers to go with it.

A-Line Dress 3 Month Pattern


Okay so I figured I would give you the recipe for this little dress I made a couple days ago.  Sorry I didn’t post it before.  I’ve looked everywhere for a dress like this online and have come up short.  For a free pattern, it’s just not possible to find.  I made this one up myself from another pattern.  I hope you can use it like I did.  I did, however take in an inch on each side from this because it fit a little big in the arm for my sweet pea!  Here it is:  your should be able to print this out on an 8.5X11 sheet of paper, cut it out and sew!

Easy A-Line Dress 3 Mos


I found a VERY cool website this last week.  The dress started out as a cute wrap dress and then I re-did the pattern.  Here’s what it looked like.  🙂
So I got the recipe for a wrap around dress at  I took the dress and re-did it because her recipe didn’t fit my little one.  Well, it did but it kept falling off her shoulders.  Not great for a 3 month old baby.  So I took it and made straps to hold it on her instead.  It turned out really cute.  Email me if you want the directions.

More Pillowcase Dresses!


I just love making these dresses.  Landry will have tons of them and backpacks to match!  Here’s the one I made Landry.  Although I didn’t measure correctly, the dress looks cute hanging up in her room.  Am making her another one today to wear to Gamme’s work this week.  We are going to Oklahoma for the day to see my step mom (haven’t seen her since my Dad passed away).  Looking forward to seeing her, just not his empty chair.  😦

Send me pictures if you have other cool ideas!  What a great idea and oh such good gifts.

Pillow Case Dress


Oh my goodness.  I had so much fun making this craft it’s not even funny.  I found myself dreaming up new patters last night.  I have to get them on paper before I forget them.  🙂  Here’s what I made this weekend.  Get the tutorial online; just type in Google, “pillow case dress”.  You’ll find a video on Youtube on how to do it.  My only suggestion is, don’t spend time trying to find pillow cases you can get rid of.  Make up your own, personalize it to fit you.  Just make sure they are the same size as a standard pillow case or it won’t work.  Happy crafting!

Handmade Pillowcase

Pillowcase Dress

I actually made a dress that matches this to fit a doll.  The little girl that now owns this dress refused to take it off and is probably now wearing it to bed.  Bless her heart.  Good night sweet Abby.