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Misc Crafts


Here’s some other crafts I’m gonna do…eventually.  I’ll attach a how-to on them when I get to them.  Be sure to check the Crafts section of the blog for updates on these items.  Happy crafting.


Sleepy Wrap


It’s funny how you can get online to do one thing and totally get lost doing something else.  I love, love, LOVE crafts.  And if I can save money in the process, it’s totally worth it.  Here’s something I found, that I’d like to do in the future.  I’ll list the supplies you need, in case you want to get started before me.

This isn't me or my baby

1. Jersey knit material (something stretchy for sure).
2. 15 ft long of material, at least 20 inches wide.
3. 1 yard, 20 inches wide of coordinating fabric.