Okay so a while back with this post, I talked about potty training training boys.  Now I can finally give my 2 cents for real on it and say that what I did worked.  Bubba boy finally got it ya’ll!  He is FINALLY potty trained!  Whoop!  Praise God for he is so good.  I was on my last limb, just about ready to pull out my hair when he finally started going number two at school with his teacher.  He even told me he didn’t want to go at home that he would ONLY go with his teachers.  Let me just share what I’ve learned.

This website was great at giving me some pointers.  However, every child is different and requires either more or less energy.  My son, being the “one in control of everything” (not) knew in his mind when he would be ready to be finished with potty training.  I just had to figure out what would make him go and how to enforce it all.  We started out with the pull-ups.  Any mother might tell you that would be the next stage but I totally disagree!  We did that and he still felt like he was wearing diapers.  He’d just go whenever and then come tell me.  We’d pull off the wet one and put on a  new one, I’d get frustrated and then he’d be off playing again…never noticing what had actually happened.  So in a few steps, I’ll tell you how this momma did it!

1. Start out with a potty chart.  Post it somewhere where EVERYONE can see it (our bathroom door worked great)!  Every time he tries, actually goes, has an accident or fights you…put a check mark by it.  Also record the time so you can get a good idea of when his actual potty times are.

2. Go to Walmart and pick out some bite-sized candy they like.  These treats for for if he tries (one treat), actually goes pee (two/three treats).  We also let him pick out some cool toys to put in a treat box for when he went poop in the potty.  I put in some mini candy bars too, just for fun.  Put the candy treats somewhere where he/she can see them.  The toy treat box should be in a closet up high.  Remind him about the toy treats often and let him even go through there, picking out the one he’ll get when he goes for the first time.

3. Go to the kids clothing area and let them pick out two packets of underwear.  Don’t go putting him in pull-ups, go straight to underwear!  The pull ups will just confuse him and frustrate you!  I promise.  Besides, he’ll be totally excited to put these bad boys on for the first time.  At night was the only time we ever put him in a diaper.

4. Put him/her on a timer.  Start out small, with 10-15 minutes max.  Plan on not going anywhere for the next two to three days.  The timer is a reinforcement to help you.  So that you aren’t the bad guy telling them when it’s time to go try.  Make it an exiting deal that the timer went off.  At first it’s fun for them.  But after the 10th time of going by the timer…they might hesitate.  That’s fine just remind them if they at least try, they’ll get a treat.

5.  So finally, just relax and let him do his thing.  Don’t get frustrated!  It will happen. He will NOT go to college in diapers, I PROMISE!

Just a reminder…

Just trying – one treat
Pee – two treats
Poop – toy from treat box
Hesitation – encouragement from momma

Now, go get him trained!!!  Have fun.  Relax.  Breathe.  This will probably be the hardest thing you have to do with him!  Well other than sending him off to college or letting some girl marry him.  🙂


Homeschooling – To do or NOT to do?


I must admit, having a blog was more work than I thought it’d be.  Especially since I have some people who actually read what I post (*wink*).  So for those of you that do read and have been “patiently” waiting for a new post, here it is.  You’ll notice the last post was in October.  That’s because that’s when hubby and I started trying for number three!  We didn’t have to try long, because that month we got pregnant and now we are expecting our third bundle of joy…a boy.   With only a few months left, I have been crafting like crazy.  Although I have no pictures to show for it, I have been crafting, but NOT during nap-time!  I’m actually taking naps with the kids.  But for this post, I direct your attention to the most fabulous website EVER, ABC Jesus Loves Me.  With our son just about to finish up his very first year of school (preschool) we are now looking into his future schooling years.  Should we home-school or not?!?!  Not that his first year was bad by any means.  In fact, his teacher was WONDERFUL!  But with the prospect of him actually going to public schools in a few years and not being taught with a Christian background, we are nervous.  Most of what he learns is in school.  So it’s our responsibility to give him a good foundation and something worth growing up with.  With two other kids in the house, I’m scared to home school him.  So this summer, we are using ABC Jesus Loves Me to try out our home-schooling abilities.  To see if he’ll actually pay attention to me or if we’ll struggle.  Take a look around their website.  I’ve only just started pulling materials from them and they are GREAT!  Most of their stuff, my son has already done in his classroom.  It’s just great!  Good luck in your adventures!

Rag Quilt Tutorial


Okay, so I have to confess…I didn’t JUST do this quilt.  I did it back in February but as promised.  I’ll try not to take any breaks from my blog for a while in the effort to help you craft something fun!  My friend from across the way has a little girl.  I’ve mentioned her before.  She’s the one I made the Secret Santa Key for and the Bling Sling for.  She’s a little pistol, let me tell you.  We are always on a budget (which is a GOOD thing or I’d go nuts with our non-existent cash) so I found some material to make her a quilt.  She loves to play Eye-Spy on walks her mom and I take.  So what better thing to make her than and “Eye-Spy” quilt.  Right?!?!?  Seriously.  These quilts are SO easy, you don’t need a tutorial.  If you know how to sew straight lines, you’re set!

What you’ll need:
1. 4-5 Yards of fabric (depending on how long you want it)
2.  4-5 Yards of back fabric (could coordinate with the front pieces)
3. Batting (again this depends on your size quilt)
4. Sewing Machine

Okay so for the fun part.  Cut all your material in strips.  I cut mine about 12 inches wide.  It’s easier if you cut each patterned material at the same time.  So all my pink fabric was cut all at once.  Then line your fabric with your batting and your backing.  Do that for all your pieces.  Then take two strips (all assembled of course) with the backing of each assembled strip faced together.  Sew all the way down the edge.  Repeat that step for however many strips you have.  Then do you standard edging (I made my own bias tape…sort of) for the edges.  Then, YOU’RE DONE!  Yeah, I said it…DONE.  Easy as pie!  Now go, make one for this cool weather or as a gift.


Back In the Saddle…Again


Okay, so it’s been a while since I posted last.  To be honest, I have been crafting…just no time to post anything.  So this is what I’ve been working on.


Once I had these complete, I could focus on the fun stuff.  Creating my daughters Halloween costume.  She’s all girl and there is no stopping this little diva from getting into SOMETHING pink for Halloween.  My sister-n-law made me an apron like this

My daughter wears it all the time.  She almost never takes if off.  In fact, it’s a great thing for her to wear when she’s eating because it really does keep all the food off.  But mostly, she likes to wear it because it looks like a dress.  Forgive the picture.  It was from my mobile.  She loves twirling in it.


So because of her love for this apron, I just had to make her a dress to play in.  What better thing for her to play in but her very own princess dress.  I laid out the original apron, traced in and took my daughters measurements.  I measured from her collarbone to the length of what I wanted her dress to be.  I also measured around her chest and added two inches.  Basically I copied the “make-up” of the apron.  I also found this great tutorial for adding tulle to the dress.  I had to make it as frilly and girly as I could.  I didn’t actually sew up the back seam until I added all the tulle.  I used 4.5 yards of tulle and added straps of tulle for the shoulders.  I also did a “V” in the back with elastic loops and tied it with the a pretty ribbon.


Isn’t she a cutie pie.  Now, if I could just get her to get out of it.  So glad to be back posting!  See ya’ll again real soon.

Work of Art


So yesterday, I posted about him not napping.  During that post, my son was in his room (yes, I was trying to get him to nap).  He was banging on his door as I was finishing up.  To my amazement, his diaper was off and he was covered in poop.  His walls, bed, furniture and everything from his belly down, had poop on it.  What does my son say to me, when I asked him why he did it?  He said, “I did it for you mommy, doesn’t it look pretty?”  How can you get mad at that?  🙂  Have a great day yall!

7 Things You Should Never Say to Your Toddler


I know I said I would do these crazy pretty flip flops (which I did and they didn’t turn out like I liked) but this seemed to be better for today’s tid-bit.

We are taking my son to preschool for the first time tomorrow.  He’s seen his class, his bags are packed and he’s totally ready to go.  It seems that at the age of three is when their little nap-o-meter turns off and they say “NO” to naps.  At what point, really, do I stop struggling with him and let him get up?  Any way…out of frustration I usually end up screaming something to the effect of, “if you get out of bed, one more time…so help me”!  I found this article and I think it really helped me calm down.  Although it didn’t have anything to do with naps, it did help me not open my mouth to say something stupid/hateful to my son.  Do I still feel terrible for yelling at him…?  Yes!  So without any further wait.  Here’s the link to 7 things you should never say to your toddler.  Thanks Monica for sharing this.  Happy Monday!

Dallas Photographer – 50% Off Fall Mini Session


Okay so wow, two posts in one day!  If you’re in the Dallas Area and you need a quick Mini-Session for back to school photos…check out this website:  They are doing a special deal, if you like them on Facebook then they will give you 50% off a “Fall Mini-Session”.  If you already “Like” them then all you have to do is go to the website and book your session.  It’s so easy!  Oh and did I mention…I’m Green Eggs!  So go HIT “Like” and book today!  I can’t wait to shoot you, your bump, your baby, your family, your dog (well maybe not your dog) and whatever else you got going on in that awesome life of yours!  Go, click…HURRY!